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Since the 1980s, as the complexity of buildings began to increase (in terms of structural systems, services, energy, and technologies), the field of architecture became multi-disciplinary with specializations for each project type, technological expertise or project delivery methods. In addition, there has been an increased separation of the 'design' architect from the 'project' architect who ensures that the project meets the required standards and deals with the matters of liability. The preparatory processes for the design of any large building have become increasingly complicated, and require preliminary studies of such matters as durability, sustainability, quality, money, and compliance with local laws. A large structure can no longer be the design of one person but must be the work of many.

ATG Limited has been engaged in offering best-in-class infrastructure and construction facilities in India. We are engaged in Construction Supervision. Project Management, and other infrastructure assignments. We use advanced techniques and best-in-class construction material and best available brains in related field. We ensure that each of our project is a masterpiece.

We manage Projects right from initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and completing.Our team of hardcore professionals achieves specific goals and meets required criteria.

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Construction Supervision.Project Management.Quality Assurance.